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If I’m flying the Ju G-1 3. So why does it show Tiers in the “players waiting” window when you’re joining a battle. This will show you in a Tier corresponding to your highest tier aircraft. Is that completely meaningless? If so, why have it? IDK, it always has showed that. I guess it is an easier way to classify things other than putting 1. In the specific example, yes, those two can see each other. I was taught that tier does have some minor importance. The top tier aircraft in your AB lineup will not match with someone who has an aircraft in their AB lineup two levels up.

War thunder japan matchmaking

An F starfire engaged a po-2 biplane, like I said, during the Korean War. The Po-2 also saw action against the F and the A-1 skyraider. It was used for night attacks and stealth missions akin to the Night Witches. If we are talking historical MM, we are talking when the plane was introduced, and since the Po-2 was no introduced in the Korean War, it won’t sit at that tiering.

“[Conquest] Fulda” — The size of the battle zone has been fixed in the mission has been added that, when disabled, will limit matchmaking to PlayStation®4.

So I haven’t played seriously in over a year, and consistently since like November of I’d just like to comment on the sorry state of Air RB. Literally can’t get near an airfield without being killed by comically accurate flak Mixed battles is still a thing for some reason. The fact that I have to play against other Brit fighters in my Spit, or Germans in my is mind boggling and an embarrassing excuse for improved matchmaking or whatever the reason is for adding it. The spread has been way to large for the entire existence of the game and yet it still hasn’t been changed.

Jet Bombers The fact that anyone though these were a good idea is an embarrassment. Speaking of Air spawns why are they in the game? I could probably go on Its been the same story with this game for the last two years. Constant changes to all the wrong thing and incompetent game management. Broken FMs, matchmaker, etc


WHAT happend in new patch? I dont play airplanes. This game is loaded with such an incredible amount of crap that I cannot play it anymore The level of realism is way under expectancy. Not even mentioning already legendary and inteligence insulting fact of overpowering of russian junks. Hey so i accidentally clicked Warthunder Dev and i never completely downloaded it.

Matchmaking. EAC has been switched on for aircraft SB missions. New missions and vehicles have been added to the rotation of in regular.

I had an interesting experiences occur to me recently: I noticed that the BR of the A8 is the same as that of the A5 5. I suppose what I’m trying to say is what is the purpose of both systems if neither one works? Another major aggravation I have here is that even when I lower the BR of the other 2 planes in my lineup to make my overall BR lower, it makes no difference: I still end up in Tier IV battles. Anyone else have similar experiences whilst trying to do what everyone else can seemingly do no problem?

In brief, the BR system is very suspect and has been since the game was changed from a 20 Tier system. It’s many defects have been posted on here time and again and there is even a dedicated stickied thread for it. No change planned yet for AB, but it may be a matter of seeing how the revisions get on in the other formats.

I will give you an example of getting a higher tiered plane into a lower tier. On the match pending screen it will show you as waiting in the T2 queue but you will be placed in a Tier 1 battle. You can do the same with the Tier 2 Mig also a BR 1. If I rember correctly you should not be able to meet planes more then 1 rank tier above your highest ranked tierd plane in the line up. This results in a BR 2. But i did not find any game!

I waited for 5 min and then i canceld.

‘Destiny 2’ Update 1.41 ( Adds Shadowkeep, Buffs & Nerfs – Patch Notes

Update “Starfighters” changelog was introduced on 26 May This update is notable for the introduction of the Italian naval tree, release of the F Starfighter into numerous trees including as the first Italian supersonic aircraft , as well as being the first update to move away from the previous numbered naming system for major patches.

It’s about time to join your favorite squadron or create your own. Earn squadron activity and research the squadron vehicles. There are already favorites in the current ‘squadron battles’ season, but cheer up XBOX players – this is a good opportunity to learn a new gaming mode and master your strategy and tactics.

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How is matchmaking done in war thunder

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Update “Starfighters”

Everything I know about tanks, I learned from Brendan. My understanding is that tanks are big and made of metal and that some people like them quite a lot. So huzzah!

Read what our users had to say about War Thunder for PC at Matchmaking is putting way weaker tanks/planes against stronger/higher ranks.

The most recent patch has made it impossible to queue up for Squadron Battles or get into any Squadron Battle games. When queuing in, players cannot see the names of other Squadrons that are in queue; instead, a string of random numbers and letters appear. Our Squadron was trying to coordinate a match with LED despite these issues, and both of our squadrons queued into the same server. However, when both squadrons finally had 8 players in queue and a match was about to start, every player that was queued up suddenly received a fatal error and had to restart War Thunder.

They are making queuing anonymous. They are trying to do it fast because this is about their currency being given out. Too bad they can’t do it correctly. Making the names in queue appear anonymously isn’t going to stop Squadrons from coordinating with one another for setting up Battles against each other. They should be focusing on fixing the broken matchmaking system so that Tier 2 squadrons stop getting queued up with Tier 4 players who are also queue.

Can we just have a way to queue for specific tiers like we do with servers so people outside of that selection cant vulture the lower tier people? This is the way wrong direction to take to fix the problem with the few squeakers that play this game mode. Some of us actually like meeting other squadrons and coordinating battles.

War Thunder Rolls Out Ground Forces Open Beta

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Aggregate player skill as the basis for matchmaking isn’t a bad idea, but it’s a This was at least true post and I haven’t seen any official.

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Matchmaking walking war robots

Please please please don’t expand the tiers. The one thing that makes me shy away from this game and makes me reluctant to spend more money is over tiered opponents. I understand the difficulty of trying to accelerate queue times. But balance is king.

“Custom Battles” can now have up to 32 players in one battle. Fixed matchmaking bug when a player was counted as several players to.

Since 1. Now 1. Let me know what War Thunder is right now to you guys! I think the game is fine and has inly improved. I loved 1. There are 2 things in this game that just aren’t right however. The driver seems to be on-off with the damn clutch. So theres what I have to say. Good day all. Also, there are users with stupid political nicknames on the steam forums.

Update 1.43

Even the 1. Tier 5 is so cool for me because of the Cold War theme more or less Extra content aside No artifical fog, simulator battles, large maps, better DM, more balanced, less biased early 1. Moving to being an WoT style arcade shooter even in RB ever since.

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War Thunder – The Human Element of Matchmaking

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